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WhatStats: Analyze Your WhatsApp Chats with Ease

WhatStats is an application that allows you to see comprehensive statistics of your WhatsApp chats. Track your messages, emoji usage, and much more!

How It Works:

  1. Export Your Chat: From WhatsApp, export your chat.
  2. Send to WhatStats: Send the exported chat to WhatStats.
  3. Generate Statistics: WhatStats will generate statistics locally on your device without sharing data with other services.

WhatStats Will Show You:

  • Total Messages and Participants: View the total number of messages and participants per chat since the group was created.
  • Messages Per Participant: See the number of messages each participant has sent.
  • Message Percentage: Understand the percentage of messages sent by each participant.
  • First Message Date: Discover the date of the first message in the chat.
  • Activity Charts: Analyze messages by day, week, and month to see when participants were most active using bar and line charts.

Additional Features:

  • Beautiful Dark Mode: Enjoy a visually appealing dark mode.
  • Easy-to-Use UI: Navigate with ease through the intuitive user interface.

WhatStats Versions:

  • Free Version: Analyze up to 3 chats for free.
  • WhatStats Pro: Unlock unlimited chat analysis, additional diagrams, and insights on participant activity times. Try out WhatStats Pro by selecting the example chat.

How to Import Chats:

  1. Open WhatsApp: Select a chat.
  2. Export Chat: In the menu, click export chat.
  3. Select “Without Media”: Export the chat without media files.
  4. Share with WhatStats: When the chat finishes exporting, select “More” in the ShareSheet.
  5. Click WhatStats: Choose WhatStats from the sharing options.
  6. Add to WhatStats: Press “Yes” to add the chat to WhatStats.

Start exploring your WhatsApp chat statistics today with WhatStats!